Saturday, October 8, 2016

Star Wars on the Square

Enter, the Jedi!  Celina does a Star Wars night on The Square and the kiddos love to dress up, make their own pool noodle light sabers, and battle it out!  Seriously there is a large grass area where all the kids are running around fighting each other.  Andrew ran around qualifying people, "Are you on the good side or bad side?" and once he had a read the playing was shank time.  He ran through and around groups of fighting kids and slashed or stabbed the "bad side" guys. He was very efficient.  Just like his dad.  A true ninja - uh, I mean Jedi. 
You can see Emeri and Isaac were more comfortable fighting a known target and Andrew's red face tells the tale of his slashing escapades. 
This was a fun game.  They stacked plastic cups up and let the kids try to shoot them down like a carnival game.  They really enjoyed it and took several turns.  Gotta love Isaac's intense look of concentration.
Of course, even the bravest of Jedi have a tough time tackling Dad.
 This blow up ride was fun for the kids.  Once they were in and sitting, the front door zipped closed and the inside filled with air lifting them up about 10 ft.  Then the workers would open the door, releasing the air, and they would gently descend.  The line was really long and slow and there were many folks behind us so we went ahead and broke the ride after our kids were through.  Yep.  True story.  Apparently the door had been giving them some issue and when they tried to open it to let Isaac and Katelyn out the teeth got bent and it wouldn't open or close all the way.  No seal, no air pressure to lift.  We were much loved by all those in line behind us.
When it got dark enough they showed The Force Awakens on a blow up screen and projector.  We only stayed for the first 45 min or so but the kids were geeking out the whole time.  We are such cool parents.

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